Do you need help growing your business? Moms make great virtual assistants. Here's why:

10 Reasons Moms Make Great Virtual Assistants

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Do you need a virtual assistant to help you grow? Have you considered hiring a freelancing mom?

Motherhood is a challenge. It makes women grow and learn.  And gain valuable skills.

Though harder to document, these skills are crucial to entrepreneurs who need qualified, reliable help in a remote setting.

Here’s Why Moms Make Great Virtual Assistants

1. They Know How to Streamline

Do you wish you had someone to look at the big picture of your business and look for ways to save time? Moms are usually great at streamlining.

From fixing dinner to tackling the huge pile of laundry, moms know how to find efficiency within a system.

2. Research Needs? Yeah, They’ve Got That!

Moms quickly learn how to locate the information they’re looking for. Whether they’re turning to Google to find out what is means when a strange smell is coming from a child’s nostril, or searching for money saving tips, moms aren’t afraid to seek out expert information.

And just in case you’re wondering, a strange smell from a nostril is typically a sign that something is stuck up there. Not that I have any first hand experience with that one or anything….

3. Organizational Skills

Most moms, especially moms of a large family, are organized. They may not have started that way, but develop organization skills through necessity.

When you’re trying to keep track of the shoes of lots of kids, make sure the diaper bag never runs out of diapers, and ensure your blog posts go out each week, organization keeps everyone from going crazy.

Do you need help organizing your inbox? A mom can help you with that–no time for junk mails cluttering up your inbox when there is dinner to fix!

4. Time Management Skills

Moms have some serious time management ninja skills. They know how to use those little bits of time most people take for granted, and actually put them to use. They know how to use quiet time and writing time to put their nose to the grindstone and hustle.

If your schedule needs an adjustment, a mom can help you pinpoint bottlenecks in your day and look for solutions.

5. Innovation & Creativity

When all the kids start whining, moms think up a clever game. They make something out of whatever they have around, and slowly help change the attitudes of the family.

Moms work hard to save money–creatively changing recipes to avoid a trip to the store, or repurposing something to make a last minute birthday gift. They can not only think outside the box, they also know how to actually put those ideas to work to solve a problem.

Being able to solve problems is a wonderful trait for a virtual assistant.

6. Hard Work Ethic

Moms don’t get sick days. They don’t get to clock out at night. They’re on the clock day in and day out. They know how to get the job done. After all, they keep their children alive and well. That takes effort!

Moms work hard. They know that it’s important to get the job done correctly the first time. They are likely to truly appreciate their work, knowing that they’re able to stay home with their children because of it.

7. Clear Communication

Moms know how to communicate to a variety of people. They can switch from talking about a homework problem to scheduling an appointment.

Clear communication is vital. Moms are used to giving clear instructions for their children to follow. They know how to break down complex tasks into bite sized chunks and ensure everyone is on the same page.

A Pinterest graphic that says, "10 Reasons Moms Make GREAT Virtual Assistants."8. Handling Negotiations

No, you can’t have a cookie right now. Let’s enjoy one after dinner. If you have a three year old, you know how to negotiate.

Moms know how to deescalate a crisis. They can step in before the temper tantrum breaks out in the middle of the store. Or at least, help the situation to resolve itself.

Moms can help siblings reconcile differences. They know how to listen to both sides of the story, and not make snap judgements.

If you need someone to handle negotiations, you want a mom on your team!

9. Long Term Vision

Raising children is not immediate gratification. It takes years and years of hard work to launch your child out into the world.

Moms know that some tasks take time. They have a vision for the future, and know how to stay on course.

10. Financial Management

Many moms handle the budget. They know how to stretch the grocery dollars, and ensure the bills get paid on time.

Moms know how to pay attention to detail, ensuring that your financials are entered correctly.


Of course, all moms are not created equally–just because you hire a mom it doesn’t mean she’ll automatically be well versed in all of these skills. Nor does it mean that non-moms can’t handle them well.

But motherhood, with its unique challenges, forces women to grow in these areas.

What other reasons can you add to my list? Do you agree that moms make great virtual assistants?

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