Are you tired of always
Feeling overwhelemed?

Balancing Diapers and Deadlines can help you tame the chaos,
free up brain power, and finally make time for your business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You long to grow your business. But, between kids and cooking, cleaning and life, there's never any time.
You're tired of always feeling behind when it comes to laundry,
dinner, and housework.
And you know if you just had more time, you could do it all.

You stand at the cupboards wondering what you can cook today. Just as you start searching Pinterest for a recipe using cheese and eggs, your kids start whining about how hungry they are.

You started a blog or freelance business a while ago, but life is so busy you just don’t have time to maintain it consistently.


You love your family. But, sometimes you’re just overwhelmed with all your responsibilities and wished there was an easier way.

What if you could...

Create a flexible schedule for each day that’s as unique as you are.

Discover how to minimize your decisions and free up brain power to help your brain not feel so overwhelmed.

Learn proven time management strategies to help you improve your productivity.



balancing diapers and deadlines

A course designed to give you back your time and

create the life you’ve been longing for.

balancing diapers and deadlines for good habits

Here's what you'll get

But Wait, there's more! Your Purchase Also includes...

Email Support

Struggling with a particular aspect of working from home with kids? Two of the lessons are email check ins where you can ask Lisa for specific advice to help in your situation.

5 Years of Annual Meal Plans

A PDF sharing Lisa's annual meal plans for the past five years to help inspire you to create your own annual plan.


Several printables you can use to customize the strategies for you and your family.

buy today to give yourself the gift of time

I can’t give you more hours in a day.

But, I can help you make the most of the time you have. You can grow a business AND enjoy raising a family.

This is for you if You...

This is not for you if YOU...

This is the best, most practical, for real life as a stay at home mom, plan for running your household.
~ Rodna -Training Children Up For Christ


And I know how hard it is to make time for your business when you’re a busy mom.
I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to figure out the dishes and the dinner and the homeschooling while trying to squeeze a business into my day.
I kept experimenting, looking for ways to be intentional with my time and create more margin in my life. I kept experimenting, looking for better ways.
And I found them!
I’m a homeschooling mom of nine. And I’ve run a successful freelance writing and virtual assistance business since 2015.
And I recently brought my husband home. We’re now on full-time deputation, and the money I’m generating from home is paying the bills and putting bills on the table while we’re on the road.
It would not be possible without the strategies I dish out in Balancing Diapers and Deadlines. This course is literally the blueprint for how I manage life as a large family, freelancing mama.
I wrote it with YOU in mind. I want to help you master your time and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

take control of your time today!

You can grow a successful business while raising a family…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will each lesson take?
  • I designed this course with busy moms in mind! Each lesson is text based and should take you less than ten minutes to read. Then you can spend additional time implementing what you learned.
What topics are included in this course?
  • This course covers:

    • Building a foundation for your business
    • Creating the perfect routine based schedule for YOUR family
    •  Laundry
    • Housekeeping
    •  A motivational system to ensure the kids do their chores
    •  Creating an annual meal plan
    • Making time for self-care
    • Setting boundaries for your business
    •  Working from home with kids
    •  Integrating your kids into your business
    •  Implementing Family Writing Time
    •  Starting your day right
    • Ending your day right
    •  Making the most of those small chunks of time
    •  Boosting your productivity
    •  Deciding what to cut from your day

I don’t have a child in diapers – is this course for me?

  • YES!

    My kids range in age from 17-baby. There are specific suggestions for working from home with kids of all ages. You’ll find a lesson on three different age ranges:

    • Littles – 0-4
    • Middles 5-9
    • Bigs – 10+
My child has special needs, is this course for me?
  • YES!

    My oldest son (second oldest child) has Angelman Syndrome. He is severely disabled. One of the lessons is all about working from home with a special needs child.

I don’t have kids at home, is this course for me?

  • No.

Well…you could probably find some tips you can implement. But, the majority of the course focuses on being a work from home mom, so I don’t know that you would benefit enough to make it a good fit.

I don’t have a large family, is this course for me?

  • YES!

    The strategies in this course can help you streamline your life, regardless of your family size.

“Thank you for an amazing course! I truly loved every single step, especially learning to meal prep and including the kids in business… I am learning how to manage the stress and your course is the first that I have been able to truly implement into my daily life. Again I say thank you.”

~Aishia Anderson

Give yourself the gift of time today...

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