Getting work done during Family Writing Time has helped tremendously!

An A-Z Guide: W is for Work During Family Writing Time

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It’s hard to believe, but once I hit publish on this post, only three more are left in my A-Z Guide to Working at Home with Kids series! Today’s tip is one of my favorite ways to get my writing for my blog done. It’s to work during Family Writing Time.

What Is Family Writing Time?

Family Writing Time is a period of time each work day where everyone in my family works quietly. It’s currently thirty minutes long.

While I’m working on my blog posts, creating eBooks, or updating my course, my kids are also quietly working. Today they:

  • Colored coloring pages of favorite characters
  • Worked on updating sprites in a Scratch game
  • Drew a favorite scene from a book
  • Used My Little Pony toys to act out a scene on the alphabet mat
  • Played with board books
  • Played a literacy game on the iPad
  • Used scissors to cut out colored pictures, then used those pieces as characters in a story
  • Put some stickers on a paper and drew around them

I rely on this time to get some work done, and my kids have learned to love it! After we clean up, we take a couple of minutes to share what we did. I think this is everyone’s favorite part.

The sharing portion also acts as our accountability. Everyone knows they’ll be reporting back on their activities. Even my two-year old loves showing off her work.

If you wander off or spend the time daydreaming, you won’t have anything to show.

This accountability also keeps me on task. It’s tempting to spend the time checking email or social media feeds, but when my kids ask me what I did, I like to be able to tell them I wrote a blog post or finished a chapter in my next book.

Want More Information?

I’ve written extensively on Family Writing Time. Here are some relevant links for you, with plenty of ideas to keep your kids engaged!

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Family Writing Time Resources

Have you tried Family Writing Time yet? It's one way I get more work time in my days at home with eight kids. Need to Troubleshoot Family Writing Time?

If something isn’t working for you, there’s a whole section devoted to troubleshooting Family Writing Time in my new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Family Writing Time. You’ll also find:

  • Benefits to Family Writing Time
  • How to implement Family Writing Time
  • Sample guidelines
  • My number one strategy to make Family Writing Time a success
  • A supply list
  • Dozens of ideas for Family Writing Time projects

Interested? Learn more here.

Have You Implemented Family Writing Time Yet?

I’d love to hear how it works for your family. Are you having any problems? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can help.

X is for…

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