Do you take time to get outside? It really helps increase productivity and focus.

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Have you ever felt cabin fever? Where you just need a change of scenery or you’re going to explode? Me too! And so have my kids. That’s why we make it priority to get outside.

When we don’t make it outside, my kids build up so much energy. There’s only so much you can burn off inside the confines of your house.

So make getting outside a priority. You can do this one of two ways (or do like I do and do them both!)

1. Get Outside Just to Spend Time Together

Sometimes we head outside just to play. We play hide and seek around the ranch with walkie talkies, play on our play set, or spend time playing tag.

Other times we spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy a picnic. Or bring a stack of books and just have quiet reading time outside.

I often create challenges for my kids, just to get them moving. I’ll ask them to touch the far tree, run around the flagpole twice, and jump over those three sticks. Or have them sing their ABCs while jumping up and down, then run and touch the apple tree before getting on the porch and jumping off the bottom step.

We’ll typically do three or four challenges at a time. If I’m able (ie not nursing the baby) I join them. It’s a fun way to get more movement into my day!

Talking a family walk also helps. I strap the baby in a sling, put Owen in his wheelchair, and head out. We can’t do as much exploring this way anymore, since the wheelchair isn’t too off-road friendly, but it’s good for the beaten paths. Singing, asking questions, and chatting are fun ways to connect on a walk.

I’ve found that twenty-thirty minutes is a good amount of time for each venture outside. Some days we’ll head out for longer, or more often. Depending on my upcoming blog posts, I might get some pictures with my phone while we’re out, but otherwise I’m not actively working.

When we head back in, everyone is ready to focus. I engage the kids with an activity, and head back to work. Since they just spent a bunch of energy, the kids are able to play quietly again. It’s a wonderful thing!

2. Work Outside

Sometimes I enjoy taking the laptop outside and sitting down at our outdoor table to work while the kids play. I make sure to work on something that I can start and stop frequently, so I can easily jump up and help as needed.

Blog post brainstorming, outlining, or social media scheduling are my favorite tasks to handle outside.

There’s something about the fresh air that rejuvenates my brain. I’m able to think more clearly, and work quickly.

If you have a safe place for your kids to play, give this a try! They burn off energy, I get some tasks knocked off my to-do list. Everyone comes inside happier.

Taking time to get outside helps increase focus. It also allows the kids to burn off some energy!

How Can You Get Outside This Week?

It really does help! I’d love for you to share how you plan on getting outside at least one day this week.

H Is For…

I’ll be back tomorrow with another tip. We’re on H!

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