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Blogging takes a ton of time. So does being a mom. Learn how to weave the two together. As a mom with a blog, here are five blogging tasks your kids can help with!

The blogging to-do list can seem exhausting. Not only do you need to create new content, but you also need to market it. You need to create beautiful images, fill your Tailwind queue, and grow your email list.

There are courses to take so you can increase your traffic.

And other bloggers to connect with.

Before you know it, it’s time to create another post. The cycle seems never ending. And it can seriously take all of your time if you let it. 

But, as a mom with a blog, you can’t risk that. You have to pour time into your kids. And help them grow into decent human beings.

Thankfully, you can do both! You can grow your blog and spend plenty of time with your kids.

One strategy that works is to integrate your kids into your blog. Allowing them to help:

  • Teaches them important skills that are transferable to today’s marketplace
  • Prepares them for the future with a healthy attitude about work
  • Builds family unity as you work together for a common goal
  • Frees up some of your time

In other words, if you’re a blogger, your kids are such a huge asset. They are truly capable of so much, especially if you invest some time into showing them how.

Now for a moment of #truth.

Your kids aren’t going to save you time at first. In fact, teaching them how to do something will take a lot of time.

But, if you stick with it, it won’t take long until you reap the rewards of allowing your kids to work with you.

How to Teach Your Kids to Help You with Your Blog

Back when I was learning how to be a teacher in college, my professors stressed the importance of “I do, We do, You do.”

It’s a popular teaching strategy to help kids learn new material. And it works wonders at home as well as in the classroom!

When I’m teaching my kids a new task, I have them watch me a couple of times. I explain what I’m doing, talk about why it’s an important step in the process, and give them a chance to ask questions.

Then we work together to write down the process. We make a numbered set of directions they can refer to.

Then we do the process together. I take the lead, but they walk me through it, telling me what to do next.

Finally, I watch them do it. At this point I’m more of the assistant just there to help if needed.

The process takes time. But, it’s effective. And my kids really have been able to help me with many blogging tasks.

If you’re a mom with a blog, your kids can help too! Here are five tasks you can teach them to do. And here’s a peek at how five different mom bloggers have their kids help them.

1. Create Pins for Your Blog

My oldest daughter is 17, and about to start her senior year in high school. She plans on studying graphic design in college.

She’s been helping me create pinnable images for several years now. It’s a task I pay her for.

When we started, I just had her use one template. She created a style guide that she left on a notepad on her computer. Then when she was ready to create images, she went to my blog and got the title.

Then she found a picture on one of the free stock photo sites I had shown her. She used the template to drop in the picture, then she changed the title.

Here’s one of the early pins she made for me:

An old pin my daughter made for one of my early blogs. Kids really can help with blogging tasks!

It was an easy way for her to get started, and it gave the pins from my site a coherent feel.

Now, I let her experiment and explore. I also have a paid membership to Pixistock, so she no longer has to jump around to several different sites to find images.

While I make the initial pins for all of my posts, I have her help by going in to old posts and creating new ones.

I ask her now to play around with the wording and try to make them better. She’s been able to practice her graphic design skills, and put her talents to work for me.

Win, win!

Wondering more about how my daughter helps with my Pinterest? See this post:

5 Simple Ways Your Teen Can Help You Market on Pinterest

2. Take Pictures

My nine-year-old daughter loves taking pictures! She even asked for a camera for Christmas this past year. Then my mom gifted her with one of her old cameras before the holiday, so Ellie has been taking pictures ever since.

Before she had her camera, she just used my phone.

If I need pictures for some reason, I can always count on her to take them for me. She’s getting quite the eye for photography (like her Daddy!) and it takes something off my to-do list.

My five-year old son also likes taking pictures. He takes them frequently to practice. He isn’t quiet ready to capture the perfect image, so many of his turn out too blurry to use on my blogs.

Kids will never get better at a skill unless we let them practice. So let them try. If they aren’t very good, don’t discourage them. Give them some pointers and plenty of time to practice.

A pinterest image that reads 5 ways your kids can help you grow your blog. There's a picture of a mom with a blog and a child leaning over a computer.

3. Brainstorm Ideas

My kids are idea factories! They seriously come up with fabulous ideas for me to turn into blog posts.

We frequently hold family brainstorming sessions.

I’m always amazed at the awesome ideas generated in just a few minutes. They always help me to get my brain rolling and thinking about new angles.

4. Format Your Posts

Once your kids are old enough to follow directions thoroughly, they may be ready to format your blog posts.

Just think of how much time you spend preparing your post for publication. After you’ve written it, you still must:

  • Get it into WordPress
  • Format your headings
  • Add images
  • Insert links
  • Create bullet points or numbered lists (if applicable)

Which of these tasks could your kids help with? It really depends on their ability. You can start off with just one or two things and then go from there.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to have your child take your post content and take care of the details like this?

Kids rise and fall to meet our expectations. Aim high!

Pick one skill and teach them how to do it.

Teach them how to copy and paste your draft into WordPress. Then, show them how to make sure headings are in the proper format. Teach them how to make bullet points and add links.

If your kids enjoy researching, they can even find appropriate sites to link to.

Your kids can add images to the post, and put in affiliate links if you teach them how.

Yes, it will take time right now. But it will pay off in the end!

5. Read Your Blog Posts Aloud

It’s hard to catch your own errors when you have freshly written a post. Your brain knows what you meant to say, and often substitutes the words you see.

This can lead to posts full of errors.

Thankfully, listening to your post can help you ensure it’s ready to release into the world. While you can read your own posts aloud, it’s really beneficial to listen to someone else read it for you.

If your child can read your content, ask them to come over and read each post aloud before you hit publish. If you hear an error, you can ask them to stop for a moment while you correct it.

Ask them to watch for any places that don’t make sense as they read.

Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited to Help You with Your Blog

Now, not all kids are going to be super excited to help you work. But, there are steps you can take to make the working together process feel more natural. Here are three to try:

1. Start Early

The younger you get your kids working with you, the more accustomed they grow to the idea. Working with Mommy or Daddy just becomes a part of life.

At first, they won’t be any help. In fact, they’ll make the task infinitely harder.

But, let me encourage you – do not give up! Do not just set them down in front of a TV show all the time so you can get something done. Instead, talk to them about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Let them help if they can.

Or just let them sit on your lap while you do the work, talking about it as you go. This time will pay off!

This picture is my husband, Bryan, folding bulletins for church. Our son, Simon is watching him. This was several years ago, a few months before Simon turned 2. He just watched Daddy fold and stuff them.

Now that he’s older, he can help hand papers. He can do a simple fold. He’s no longer just watching the process, he’s playing an active role!

It’ll be the same with your kids. They’ll move from watching to doing. It’s an incredible transformation.

2. Build on Their Talents

As a mom with a blog, I’m guessing you’re pretty good at writing. What about your kids? What are their strengths?

If your child HATES reading aloud, don’t ask them to do that. Instead, think about their skills and what they could do.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Good with numbers – let them analyze data from affiliate links or  track profit and expenses
  • Creative – ask them to create pins or other images, take photos, or select colors
  • Writing – have your children who love writing play a more active role in the writing process. They can brainstorm ideas, proofread, or suggest edits for organization. Maybe someday they’ll have their own featured page on your blog, or a blog of their own.
  • Social Butterfly – ask your child to help with social media. They can create idea folders, curate content, follow influencers, and more. Here’s a post exploring other ways your kids can help with social media marketing

When your kids enjoy the tasks you ask them to do, they’re more likely to do them willingly.

3. Pay Them

Seriously. If your kids are taking a task off your plate, let them know that you’d like to pay them to help once they are proficient.

Money is motivating!

The amount you pay will depend on the age and skill level, but you can work with your child to determine an appropriate amount.

I frequently pay my teen to help. She loves it, and saved her money for a scanner so she can grow her own graphic design business and integrate her artwork into it.

If You’re a Mom with a Blog, Do Your Kids Help?

I’d love for you to share other blogging tasks your kids help with in the comments below.

And if you know a mom with a blog struggling to make time for it all, please share this post with her!

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