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Need something fun for your kids to do while you get some work done? Try one of these My Little Pony activities!

I grew up watching My Little Ponies. I had a couple of little pony toys and my older sister and I had so much fun with them!

And then as I grew up, I sort of forgot about the little ponies. Until 2014, when my oldest asked me if we could watch a cool new show she saw on Netflix at Grandma’s house.

It was called My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic.

We’ve been watching the series ever since. My kids LOVE Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and all the other pony friends.

Since it’s such a popular show in our house, it’s only natural that pony themed activities often make an appearance during our Family Writing Time.

If your kids are My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fans too, here are some engaging activities to keep them busy while you get some work done in your business.

A hand drawn picture of Applejack.

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25 My Little Pony Activities for Family Writing Time

When I asked my kids to help me brainstorm for this blog post, I was amazed at how many activities they came up with. These are all quiet activities that they’ve enjoyed over the years.

I hope your children like them as much as mine do!

1. Draw People as Ponies

Challenge your kids to draw themselves as a pony. What would their cutie mark be? Would they have a pony name?

There’s no need to stop at themselves. Your kids can draw their friends as ponies too.

Who will be an Earth pony? Will anyone be a unicorn? How about a Pegasus? Maybe there’ll even be an alicorn in the mix.

2. Draw Their Favorite Pony

Which pony does your child like best? My four year old loves Twilight Sparkle. Me? I’m more fond of Applejack.

Ask your child who their favorite pony is. Then ask them to draw that character.

3. Turn Their Favorite Non-Pony Character into a My Little Pony

My oldest daughter came up with this My Little Pony activity several years ago, and she’s been doing it ever since.

She picks a non-pony character, and then turns it into a pony. To make this work, your child will need to decide:

  • The type of pony to draw
  • What the cutie mark should be
  • What colors need to be used
  • If the character needs clothes

Then they can start drawing.

Here’s a Batman Pony my daughter drew for her little brother:

Batman drawn as a My Little Pony

4. Write My Little Pony Fan Fiction

What does your child wish would happen in a My Little Pony episode? Is there a different way they would have handled an event in their favorite episode?

Could they change the ending? Or turn Ponyville into a huge city?

The sky is the limit when your child uses their favorite pony characters and settings to write their own piece of fan fiction.

5. Write the Lyrics to Pony Songs

Back in the day, one of my kids had a whole spiral notebook dedicated to writing lyrics to songs. She loved to see how far she could get in her favorite songs.

Does your child remember all the lyrics to “Winter Wrap-Up?” or “The Cafeteria Song” from Equestria Girls?

Challenge them to write as many lyrics out as they can. Then you two can check them online after Family Writing Time is over.

6. Make a Pony Tail from Yarn

My nine year old daughter loves making costume pieces. She’s been working on a pony tail made out of yarn. She used this Elsa braid that we made a couple of years ago as her model:

She’s still working on it, but really enjoys the crafting. It’s a fun way to practice braiding.

7. Use a Pony Themed Activity Book

This was a present that my nine-year-old enjoyed for her last birthday. It’s a My Little Pony activity book that lets you customize your own ponies. She spent hours with this book!

You can see what other activity books you can find. I’ve seen coloring books, sticker books, and ones where you do scratch art to reveal the ponies.

There are so many fun options out there, and they can really keep your kids engaged!

8. Design Cutie Marks for the Family

If everyone in the family had cutie marks, what would they look like? Have your child brainstorm and draw a special mark for each member.

After they draw them, they can write out why they picked each one. Does brother get a guitar because he loves to play? Does Mom get a laptop because she’s an amazing blogger?

As a bonus, this one is a fun way to gain some insight into how your kids are perceiving things!

9. Make a Unicorn Horn

Your kids can use paper to create unicorn horns. These can be taped to a headband. It’s another fun crafty type project.

25 engaging My Little Pony activities your kids can do while you write a post

10. Use My Little Pony Writing Prompts

If your child enjoys creative writing, but needs a little bit of help getting started, try a fun My Little Pony writing prompts.

You can make up any of your own, or use one of these:

  • Princess Celestia opened her eyes and shot out of bed. “It can’t be…” she said.
  • Spike couldn’t believe what he was seeing! There was another dragon, just like him.
  • “I don’t want any friends!” the sad pony shouted as she ran towards the train station.
  • “Scared?” Scoffed Rainbow Dash. “I’m not scared of anything!”…”Gulp! Except that!”
  • “Discord, No!” She screamed. But it was too late…

11. Sort the Mini Figures

Do your kids have as many My Little Pony mini figures as mine do? They seriously multiply so quickly…

The mini figures are the perfect addition to My Little Pony themed Family Writing Time sessions. With these, your kids can sort them by color, type, or size.

They can also be sorted by episode. Your kids could pick an episode and make one pile for mini figures that were in that episode, and another pile for ones that were not.

You can also do this with the larger toys – my kids just really enjoyed sorting the minis.

12. Act Out an Episode with the Pony Toys

If your child has any My Little Pony toys, they can bring episodes to life. They can gather all the ponies together and start using them to show what happened in the episode.

This allows your child to practice retelling the story in their own words, and it’s actually a really important reading skill! But, they won’t know their learning because they’ll be too busy having fun…

13. Turn the Ponies Into Something Else

What would happen if Pinkie Pie suddenly turned into a cat? She may look something like this:

Challenge your kids to turn their favorite pony characters into different animals. They can keep the cutie marks and coloring the same, so everyone can tell which one it is.

14. Use a Pony Generator

If you don’t mind your child having some screen time during Family Writing Time, you can let them use an online pony generator.

You can try this one from the My Little Pony: The Movie site: Pony Maker

With just a few clicks, your child can create and name a pony of their own.

15. Make a Pin the Cutie Mark Game

Do your kids enjoy Pin the Tail on the Donkey style games? They can create their own with My Little Ponies. Have them create a blank flank pony.

Then, they can create cuties marks. To keep it fair, these should all be the same size.

Then, let your kids take turns trying to attach the cutie mark while it goes. They can be blindfolded. You can use tape doubled over on itself on the back of each cutie mark so they stick.

16. Create an Equestria Backdrop on a File Folder

Your kids’ ponies need someplace to play. Have them turn a file folder into an Equestria themed background.

Once they’re done, they can stand the file folder up by opening it slightly. Then they can play with their pony toys in front of it.

17. Color and Cut Out Pony Coloring Pages

Coloring pages have always been a favorite of my kids! You can print off several of the My Little Pony coloring from online.

Then, your kids can color them and cut them out. They can use these to tell stories or act out episodes.

18. Create a Scratch Game

Have your kids ever used Scratch? It’s an easy to use programming software.

Your kids can use it to create a My Little Pony themed game. Here are a few ideas:

19. Write Down as Many Pony Names as Possible

How many pony names can your child remember? Ask them to write down each one that comes to mind.

Can they get to 15? 25?

You can decide if all ponies from any generation of the show count, or if it has to be Friendship Is Magic.

20. Make a Flat Lay Picture from Legos

Using Legos pieces to build on a flat piece, your kids can create a My Little Pony masterpiece. Here’s a Cutie Mark Crusader one of my kids made.

A flat Lego build of a Cutie Mark Crusader

This one may take some time to get correct, so just keep encouraging them to keep trying.

21. Build Ponies Out of Play Dough

Bring out the play dough and have your kids build some ponies. They may have to adjust the colorings a bit, depending on the colors you have.

22. Make a StopMotion Movie with My Little Ponies

Earlier this year, we reviewed the StopMotion Explosion kit over on my other blog. It’s such a great product!

My nine year old made this movie with My Little Pony toys:

It’s short, but it was her first attempt. She learned a lot! Your kids can make an awesome movie all their own.

23. Create a MLP Board Game on a File Folder

File folders make awesome homemade board games. All the pieces can fit inside so you don’t lose any.

Have your child make a My Little Pony board game. They can draw the board, make a spinner, and then use mini figures as moveable pieces.

24.Build a Pony House from Legos

My kids love combining toys. One way they can do this is by building houses for their toys from Legos .

Can they make it big enough that the pony can get inside easily?

25. Make a Pony Crossover

What toys can come and visit Equestria? Or are the ponies going to head to Griffin Rock and visit the Rescue Bots or something?

Designing a crossover allows for so much creative play. Encourage your kids to bring down several toys and make up a story where they all get together.

My Little Pony Activities

Are you going to have your kids try any of these My Little Pony activities? They’re a fun way to keep them engaged while your write a blog post or doing client work.

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