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Are you a busy mama who wants to start a business?

If you’ve decided 2019 will be YOUR year, you’ve got this. You really can earn money online working part-time from the comfort of your home.

I’ve been doing it for about four years now, while homeschooling nine kids, so I know it’s possible. If I can do it, so can you.

But first, it’s time to bust some excuses.

There’s always an excuse not to work on your business. You might say:

  • The kids are sick.
  • I’m pregnant.
  • I don’t have the PERFECT idea yet.
  • The house is a mess.
  • I don’t have time.
  • The course I want costs too much.
  • I have slow internet.
  • I have a toddler.
  • I’m homeschooling my kids.

I could go on and on with the excuses, but I think you get the idea. If you let it, something will ALWAYS be available for you to blame. You will always have an excuse to not make progress.

Your goal is to bust the excuses and to push through anyway. Making money online must become a priority in your life, or it will fall by the wayside and you won’t see a penny.

Let’s analyze these excuses, so you can see why NOW is the time to start. You’ll find links to other posts I’ve written specifically addressing the issues, so feel free to dive in further! Are these excuses standing between you and the business of your dreams?

The Kids Are Sick

I have a child with Angelman Syndrome and Pica. He’s constantly having seizures, eating things he shouldn’t, and not feeling well.

Then there are eight other kids in this house. When sickness passes through, it hits us hard. Sometimes it makes the rounds a couple of times before it finally goes away.

Sick kids need extra love. They need your care. But, they don’t typically need you to drop everything in your life to stick right by their side every moment of the day.

You can get them settled, and sit down nearby with your laptop. You’ll be close if your child needs you, and be able to get some work done.

For more help, see the following posts:

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I’m Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, exhaustion is a common symptom. You’ll need more sleep than normal, so getting up at 4 am to write before the kids wake up probably isn’t a good idea.

You’ll have to be creative, and flexible.

Put your feet up when you type to encourage blood flow, or stand up while you work. Set your timer for fifteen minutes, and get as much work as you can.

Then repeat again each hour or two. You’ll get a ton done, without burning out.

For more help, see the following post:

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I don’t have the PERFECT idea yet

I’ve talked with a couple of people who expressed interest in starting their own business. But, they decided not to because they didn’t have the perfect idea yet.

They’d rather not take any steps forward until they have it all thought out.

Or until they have a unique idea for monetizing their efforts.

You know what?

I didn’t have the perfect idea when I started. In fact, I’ve pivoted several times since launching my business.

Don’t wait for perfection, because it won’t happen. And if you can’t make money online with the typical methods, you won’t be ready for your unique idea when you finally have it.

Gain the experience, learn from your mistakes, and you’ll be so much further ahead.

For more help, see the following post:

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Do you want to start a business? Don't let these nine excuses keep you from doing it.The House is a Mess

It’s hard to work in a mess. I understand.

The good news? You can get on a schedule to get your housework caught up, and keep it decent.

You may not have a Pinterest-picture-perfect house, but does that matter in the long run? If your house is so messy you can’t work, having it a little better will be an improvement!

Make sure your kids are helping you clean. They may not be particularly helpful if they’re small, but your efforts now will pay off hugely in the future!

For more help, see the following posts:

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I Don’t Have Time

You’re right, you don’t have time to start a business. You will have to MAKE time.

It’s possible.

You need to:

  • Use the small chunks of time
  • Make a plan of the day so you know where to focus your efforts
  • Adjust schedules as possible
  • Say no to some things
  • Streamline as much as possible

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The Course I Want Costs too Much

As a teacher, I’m a huge fan of learning from people who have already been there and done that. Courses have an important role to play when you’re starting a business.

But, there’s a lot of free information online.

And, there’s a lot of on the job training that occurs when you’re running a business.

You need to start somewhere, so why not today?

When I started my business, I was broke. I couldn’t afford to take a course.

So I started, reading blog posts on specific subjects I needed help with along the way.

Eventually I saved up and took this course. But taking a course IS NOT a requirement for launching a business.

For more information, see the following post:

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Are any of these excuses stopping you from starting a business as a mom? You can do this! #startabusiness #momboss

I Have Slow Internet

Don’t even get me started on this one!

I live in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, Siri used to get people lost getting to our house.

How would I describe my internet in two words?

  • Metered
  • Slow

It stinks!

Thankfully, this summer fiber optic lines were buried along the county road running along the farm. So I have hope that SOMEDAY in the future I’ll have better options available.

But for now, I just:

  • Avoid streaming
  • Schedule Skype calls carefully so I can leave and use free Wi-Fi
  • Connect my computer to my phone’s hotspot for a little bit of a boost
  • Work offline when possible (for instance, I’m writing this in Word and will transfer it to WordPress later)

For more help, see the following post:
Freelancing with Satellite Internet

I Have a Toddler

You do? Congratulations! So do I. Toddlers are so curious and fun.

No matter how old your kids are, you can start a business. I currently have:

  • A baby
  • A toddler
  • A preschooler
  • 4 elementary aged kids
  • 1 middle school aged kid
  • 1 teenager

You know what? Each stage has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Moving beyond toddlerhood isn’t going to magically make all of your problems go away.

So you start where you are. Embrace each stage, and learn to work WITH your kids instead of against them.

You can:

  • Have a quiet work time
  • Have daily quiet time if your toddler outgrew naps
  • Engage your toddler in a fun activity nearby while you work
  • Let your kids “help” you work. Their help might not mean much now. But it will by the time they’re a teen if you let them help consistently.

Don’t let your kids be your excuse, or you may end up resenting them. Your kids are a blessing, not a burden!

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I’m Homeschooling My Kids

Homeschooling and freelancing are a great fit! Both are flexible and adaptable.

After you provide instruction, you can work while your kids work.

For more help, see the following posts:

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Do You Have Any Other Excuses for Why You Can’t Start a Business?

If you do, share it in the comments and I’ll see if I can help bust that excuse too.

This is your year.

You just have to start.

It doesn’t have to be perfect (in fact it won’t be!)

Just do it.

You can start a business.

Sign up today!

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