Comparisons kill productivity, so stop making them!

An A-Z Guide: K – Kick Comparisons

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Are you wasting time making comparisons? If you are, it’s time to knock it off! Kick your comparisons to the curb, and stop worrying so much about how well everyone else is doing.

Comparisons kill your productivity. They take your mind off your goals, and slow your progress. You’ll be so busy wondering why you aren’t as good as this person, or as fast as that person. Your mind will get stuck pondering why you aren’t making as much money as all those other people.

And when your brain is busy worrying and wondering, it isn’t going to be busy working.


There will always be people out there who are better than you. People who are further along in the journey. Some who can devote a lot more time to grow their business.


Your job is to be the best YOU you can be.You don’t need to worry about everyone else.

How to Kick Comparisons

If you’re struggling with comparisons, here are three ideas for you to try.

Slow Down Your Social Media Consumption

Typically, everyone only posts the good stuff on social media platforms. You’re seeing an edited version of real life. Why are you wasting time comparing your real life to what other people share?

There’s no comparison between real life and edited, posed pictures. Edited pictures aren’t messy. They don’t reflect unexpected doctor appointments, sick kids, and cows escaping.

Stop Reading Income Reports

Many freelancers publish them (including me), but if you feel inadequate after reading income reports, you might consider taking a break from reading them.

There are so many posts floating around sharing how a blogger made a six-figure income in a single month. Or grossed a million last year. If you’re like me, making a teeny tiny portion of that, those reports can get discouraging.

If you don’t want to completely stop reading these reports, because they’re inspiring, try to find bloggers or entrepreneurs who are in a similar situation to you. Find other moms making a living WHILE taking care of their kids.

Realize What You Do Well

Change your self-talk and self-think, to help you realize how awesome you are. Focus on what you do well, and take time to think back at how far you’ve come.

You are growing a business from your home, with your kids by your side. You’re probably not going to have as much time to devote to your business as people who aren’t also raising kids.

Are you wasting time and energy making comparisons? Click through to learn how to stop. Your Business Isn’t Going to Grow Overnight

When you’re working part-time hours, your business probably won’t grow overnight. It’ll take time, consistency, and good old-fashioned hard work.

All those stories out there on the internet about overnight successes leave out a very important element: the backstory. A lot of work went into that six-figure launch, or $10,000 writing contract.

Making comparisons between your situation and someone else with years of experience is just going to end poorly.

Do You Struggle with Making Comparisons?

I’d love to hear your tips for overcoming them in the comments.

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