Why do I pay for ConvertKit when my list is small?

Why Do I Pay for ConvertKit When My List Is Small?

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Why am I paying for ConvertKit (<= aff. link) when my list is small?

The short answer? Because I love their service and I think it’s well worth the cost!

The longer answer? Walk with me through me email service provider journey…

When I first started blogging, an email list wasn’t really on my mind. I was just trying to get some more samples to use to grow my freelance writing business.

But then I realized…

I wanted to make a course

I’d been asked by so many people how I had time to freelance with such a large family. Other freelancers were asking for advice on how to get it all done.

So I decided to turn my best tips for time management and efficiency into a course. Balancing Diapers and Deadlines was born!

Originally, I planned this course to be a self-paced email course. This meant I sent you an email when you signed up, and when you were done with lesson one you clicked a link.

The link triggered the next email to appear in your inbox. Email automation!

But, writing a course takes time. Especially when you’re only working on it thirty minutes a day.

So I decided the best use of my time would be to create a shorter, free course. I set this up quickly, and signed up for a free MailChimp account.

This free course was originally automated through there. Every couple days a new lesson appeared. It worked great!

The Problems

Using my free course as a freebie was all set up. But then, I wanted to create a quick content upgrade as another opt-in.

At that time (2015), I couldn’t make it happen easily. Everyone who signed up for both the course AND the content upgrade were now on my list twice.

My problems with my free service didn’t stop there. Once I finished my course, I realized I’d have to switch to a paid account.

Without a paid account, I couldn’t set up a self-paced course.

Making the Switch to ConvertKit

So I started researching my options. Another blogger recommend ConvertKit, and even though my list was only a whopping 47 at the time, I signed up.

It didn’t take me long to get my email list transferred over. There were plenty of videos and directions on how to do it. I was a bit apprehensive, but thankfully it worked smoothly!

I’ve been using ConvertKit now for quite a while, and my list has grown (just over 400 now, which I know is large for some of my readers and tiny for others!)

No matter the size of my list, I can’t imagine leaving ConvertKit. Here’s what I love:

Simple to Use

ConvertKit is simple to use for my weekly emails. It:

  • Doesn’t require any dragging and dropping.
  • Has built in spell check, with the red squiggly lines like typing in Word.
  • Doesn’t have random filler text in header boxes I need to delete. I kept forgetting this step on MailChimp!
  • Easily segments and tags subscribers based on opt-ins, clicks, and other criterion.

Reminds Me to Email My List

Every Thursday, a handy email shows up in my inbox. It contains a blurb about each post I’ve published in the past week.

From the email, I’m able to head to ConvertKit and make any changes. As a busy mom, this email reminder helps immensely. I just leave it as a reminder in my inbox each Thursday until I’ve actually sent out my weekly email.

Makes Adding Content Upgrades Easy

Content upgrades are typically printables to accompany a blog post. For instance, I offer my annual meal plan template as a content upgrade in my posts about meal planning.

In ConvertKit, it’s easy to figure out the logistics of getting the content upgrade to readers. It’s a cinch to upload the file, and make the opt-in form.

Built In Landing Pages

With ConvertKit’s landing pages, I don’t have to pay for a subscription to a secondary service. Here’s a landing page I created for one of my freebies. It took me just a couple of minutes to get it up and running.

 Why do I use ConvertKit? Because I love it! Here's why...Sequences

ConvertKit makes it easy to create a sequence. They even have a recommended formula to follow.

So now when someone signs up for my course, they get a welcome email. They also get a reminder at a month out. It’s all automated and I don’t have to worry about it!

Do You Have an Email List?

Which provider are you using? I’d love to hear why you love it!

Looking for a list provider, or wanting to switch? I highly recommend ConvertKit!





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