If you're an entrepreneur, your kids are probably benefiting from your business. Here are some important skills they'll be picking up.

Why Your Kids Really Benefit From Your Business

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My two year anniversary as a freelancer is swiftly approaching, and I’ve been doing a lot of reflection. I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve learned over the next couple of months.

One of the thoughts that caught my attention recently was how many ways my kids are benefiting from my business. You’d think that me working, and not being able to devote as much time to them would be a bad thing.

But, I’m learning that my attitude really drives the outlook of everyone else. As long as I remain positive, the kids seem to reflect that as well. My business has been a huge blessing for us all, and I’m very thankful for it.

So here are some specific ways my kids benefit from my business.

They’re Learning Responsibility

I no longer have the time to take care of all of the chores. Starting a business forced me to delegate a lot more. The added responsibility has been so good for the kids. (Even if they whined at first!)

They’re learning that it takes effort to keep a house running. They are figuring out that if they don’t do a good job the first time, they’ll just have to do it again.

With so many young adults not wanting to work hard in today’s culture, I’m helping my kids develop a work ethic. It’ll serve them well throughout their whole lives!

Are your kids doing more now that you’re spending some time on your business? They’re benefiting from that!

They’re Learning Entrepreneurial Skills

I love making money from home, doing something I enjoy. As my business succeeds, I’m showing my kids that you really can create your own job. They’re learning how to look for needs, and come up with solutions to offer.

They’re learning about marketing and doing your best. We talk about business finance, the steps needed to get a job done, and the importance of doing your best. I integrate my kids into my business whenever I can.

What are your kids learning about running a business? All of those skills are important!

They’re Benefiting Financially

When I left the classroom, our income was cut by two thirds. We stripped our budget down to the essentials, and didn’t have much room for extras.

Since I’ve started earning more, we’ve been able to pay down our debt, and still have a little more wiggle room for some fun family activities.

The kids have all enjoyed being able to go on more drives, grab an occasional burger, and get other small treats.

Have your kids enjoyed having a household with additional income too?

Your business really is good for your kids. They're learning a lot from it, and you. #momboss #mompreneurlife

They Get More Daddy Time

When I launched my business, my husband was working long hours at a job over an hour away from our farm. He left before the kids woke up in the morning, and he usually got home after they were tucked in.

They didn’t really see him except for on the weekends.

Well, a couple months after I started, the Lord opened the door for my husband to accept a lower paying, but local job. The money I was making covered the income loss, and has slowly increased since then.

We all enjoy having Daddy around more! (And it’s been great for all of them to spend more time together occasionally while I finish some work in the evenings!)

Is there anyone special your kids get to spend extra time with while you work? Building relationships is a definite benefit!

They Have a Mama with More Confidence

Launching my career has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.  I’m learning that if I don’t believe in myself, my clients won’t believe in me either.

Since launching my business, I’ve Skyped with people I’ve never met, joined a tremendous mastermind group, getting to know some amazing women, and cold pitched companies.

I’m much more confident now that I used to be, and that’s a good thing. My kids are noticing, and their self-confidence is also growing.

Are you stepping outside your comfort zone too? That’s a definite benefit for your children.

They’ve Had More Practice Working Quietly

With a daily Family Writing Time, my kids are really learning how to sit and work quietly. Since we homeschool, they aren’t constantly being reminded to be quiet throughout the day. I generally don’t mind if they talk quietly, or play a bit.

But, being able to sit quietly and focus on a task has been good for all of us!

Have you implemented a writing time yet? I highly recommend it if you haven’t!

How Do Your Kids Benefit from Your Business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Starting a business may take some of your time away from your kids, but that doesn't mean they won't benefit. Here are some ways your kids do benefit from your business.

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