Tap into your child's creativity and work together to brainstorm post ideas!

How to Brainstorm Post Ideas with Your Kids

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Kids are full of great ideas! They’re imagination works almost non-stop, and they aren’t stuck in the same rut that adults tend to get trapped in. That’s why I love working with my kids to brainstorm post ideas.

Of course it helps that I write about family friendly topics. If you don’t, you probably won’t want to use this method! 😀

What Brainstorming Post Ideas with Kids Looks Like

When I’m in need of post ideas, or details for a post, I gather my kids around. Everyone gets equipped with paper and pencils, and we set out our family crayon bucket.

If I already have my post topic and just need details, I ask my kids what they know or think about my topic. This gets their brain going. Then, I ask them each to write or draw anything about that topic they can think of.

My oldest sometimes goes to the computer and does some Google searching to see what she can find. The younger kids typically draw pictures.

We work on our individual brainstorms for about ten minutes. Then, we gather back together and share what we created.

Tip: Take good notes during the sharing session, because your brain might not remember exactly what that picture was supposed to be of when you go back through them later! (Yes, I’m speaking from experience on that one!)

An Example Family Brainstorming Session

I’ve been working on a series of car games for kids post for my Tanner Learning blog. I really wanted to get some new perspective and see if I’d missed any of our favorite games. I also wanted to see if my kids had any ideas for new car friendly activities.

So we all gathered together with our supplies. Then I asked the kids to think about car games for our brainstorming session.

I set the timer for ten minutes and turned them free. During this time, I worked on my own list of ideas so I had something to share at the end.

Here’s some of my notes from the sharing session at the end. We came up with lots of ideas!

Car Games

  • Guess the song
  • Take turns picking songs to sing
  • One word (or sentence) at a time story
  • A-Z (any category)
  • Category game
  • I Spy
  • A-Z letter find
  • 0-9 number find
  • Shape hunt
  • Whistle a tune
  • Guess who I’m thinking of
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately
  • Theme song list
  • First letter/last letter
  • A my name is…
  • What movie is this line from?
  • What songs have the word ____?
  • Look for the color ___
  • Nature inspired story
  • And more!

The pictures were great! One of my kiddos drew the “Guess Who I’m Thinking Of” game by drawing a person with a big head with thought bubbles above it. Mario, a My Little Pony, and Nemo were all inside!

Now when I’m writing my posts, I can refer back to my notes. I typically put them into an Excel spreadsheet so I can add category and further sort to make my life easier!

Brainstorm Sessions on the Road

One thing I love about brainstorming is you can do it anywhere! As long as you have a scribe (so thankful for my teenager!) you can start brainstorming in the car. It keeps everyone engaged.

We don’t draw pictures in the car, but everyone takes turns telling the scribe their ideas. Then I turn those into my spreadsheet when I have some time.

Brainstorm Post Ideas

If I’m just in need of general ideas to write about, we do a similar process. Except instead of giving my kids a narrow topic, I give them a broad one.

So if I’m looking for ideas for homesteading, I ask my kids to think of things I could write about that fall in the following categories:

  • Animals
  • Farming/Gardening
  • Outdoor fun

When it comes time to write about family life, I ask them to share their favorite things. I also ask for ideas that would help streamline life and make everything run smoothly.

The kids have never let me down! Even if I can’t use something exactly how they worded it, they get my brain thinking. They help me break through my rut.

It’s amazing how much bouncing ideas off of each other can help!

I’m also teaching my kids that doing a prewrite is helpful. It pays off big time to put a little planning time in before diving into a project. We’re also expanding vocabulary and learning about new topics.

Have you ever brainstormed with your kids?

I’d love to hear how it went. If not, do you think you’ll give it a try?

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