Balancing Housework and Freelancing

Balancing housework and freelancing can be a challenge. Here's 10 tips I use to get my housework on autopilot.

Our days only have 24 hours. Since we have to sleep for some of those, there’s not much time to squeeze in everything else. So how do I balance housework and freelancing? The same way I juggle the rest of my life. By minimizing my decisions, putting routines on auto-pilot, and enlisting my family for …

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May Freelance Income Report

May Income Report

Yikes–do you know what happened? I put off writing April’s income report because I was pretty bummed about the numbers. Then, it sort of threw me off schedule. You see, I used to write about my income for the previous month around the first of the next month. That makes sense, right? Now here it …

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How I Use Excel as a Freelancer

I've tried lots of tools to keep my business organized, and I keep coming back to Excel. Here's how I use it.

Paperwork is essential for freelancers! It’s how we get paid, how we keep track of deadlines, and how we plan our next steps. I’ve tried so many different methods of getting all my paperwork organized, and there’s one program I keep coming back to. Microsoft Excel. I know. I know. There are new fancy programs …

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FAQ: Homeschooling and Freelancing

Homeschooling and Freelancing aren't impossible to tackle together. Here's how I make it work.

You’d be surprised at how often people wonder how I can possibly homeschool my kids AND run a freelance business. Since it’s popped up quite a bit, I wanted to do a quick post to address how I tackle homeschooling and freelancing. Homeschooling and Freelancing Both Have Flexible Schedules My kids don’t have to spend …

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